NeighborUP is an exciting new initiative of KUO with the goal of developing community by connecting neighbors to neighbors. Guided by the Asset Based Community Development(ABCD) model, like a pioneer, we will discover and map assets located within a specific geographical area. The idea is not look at the negatives as much as discovering the positives, the possibilities; making the invisible, visible.

Our Neighborhood Connector, Latoya Burton,  listens to neighbors and record their thoughts, stories and assets. She keeps records and records neighbors assets and then  maps neighborhood assets and  connects neighbors. This  initiative  is geared toward developing community.


It works like this. Latoya sits on Mable's porch and listens to her story. She is asked about what she likes to do, what is her passion; she might say gardening. The connector then asks who she/he should talk with next and Mable might say go talk with Jim. The connector talks with Jim and learns that he plays the banjo. The banjo player and gardener are neighborhood assets; names and assets are recorded in database. Over time the neighborhood is mapped and neighbors are connected. There could be a community garden where all who like to garden work together, or a musical group could be formed with those who like to play instruments. The connect then connects neighbors together, creating strong connected neighborhoods. 

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