MiniUP is held every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 at Trinity Church.  Pick up a sign up sheet at the church

    What Is MiniUP?

MiniUP is a new Kokomo Urban Outreach program created to prepare younger guys and girls (ages 4-9) to enter regular ManUP or StepUP when they turn 10. 


Goals of MiniUP

The UP staff invests and influences these young people to make good decisions and the importance of school.  The impact will be made by teaching the kids the 4 R’s of ManUP;  Respect, Responsibility, being Reliable and being Ready.


How does this program work?

Children will meet only one day per week for one hour.  The hour will be divided into three parts:


1.  Jumpstart(meeting)  20 minutes

2. Work (Csimple tasks) 20 minutes

3. Food  20 minutes


Jumpstart is a place where guys hear a talk is heard and are given an opportunity to talk.  The work includes things like planting and taking care of a vegetable garden, making cards or stuffing envelops.   They will pick up trash in the neighborhood, clean the building or other jobs at our location.  This will NOT be paid work it is community service.  After work we will have pizza or some other kind of food, to continue conversations while eating. 


Points may be collected, saved and used move up levels in the Power Tower game choosing prizes along the way.  The Mini's earns points the same way as the older guys—-Grade Cards, Weekly Progress Reports, along with other ways.


Schools will be notified with the names of those in MiniUP so that are directors will be able to interface with the school to wrap around the minis.


Currently, the program will take place at

the UP Building located at 

1701 S. Locke St. 46902

Each Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 PM



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