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Man up on the streets often means: Drinking, drugs, violence,  sex, illegal activity.

For some boys that means: loss of friends, loss of education, loss of self-esteem, incarceration, even death.

ManUp is compromised of two parts, the huddle and work.  The huddle is a meeting that all young men must attend each week in order to work.  The huddle meets on Wednesdays from 4:00-4:45. At the huddle, each young man is assigned a work day--Thursday, Friday or Monday from 4-6 PM. 


ManUP is open to all young men from ages 10-18 years old attending school. 

To sign up pick up an application at Trinity Church and meet one of the Directors for more information

Mr. Lee Wallace , ManUP Leader
Lee's passion is to help young men realize their potential and then using it in a positive way. Lee helps the young men discover skills, gifts, talents and abilities that they not only can share but can be turned into a living. 
Lee grew up on the streets and learned about manipulation, gangs and drugs.  He spent 10 years in and out of prison.  We he speaks the young men listen.
ManUP started with two young men in November of 2016, with over 130 youth coming through the program, about 85 are active.  
Lee is a sought after speaker and is becoming a community leader. 

Mr. Lee Wallace speaking at Valparaiso United Methodist  Church during a Sunday Morning Service.

Mr. Kareen Dunn,  Youth Specialist

Kareen has been with Kokomo Urban Outreach for over a year.  Kareen has a desire to teach young men the value of work and how to work hard.    When young men work with Kareen, they work, no playing around.  He wants each young man to do their best. His no-nonsense approach in interacting with you young men helps the best in young men come out.  Much like Lee, Kareen is very street smart and is leading young men to choose a different path then he went down.  

Kareen continues to work in the ManUP program at Trinity Church and is the Director of our satellite location located in the near-northside neighborhood on Taylor and Purdum Street. 

Man up on the streets often means: Drinking, drugs, violence,  sex, illegal activity. For some boys that means: loss of friends, loss of education, loss of self-esteem, incarceration, even death.

ManUP is a mentoring and employment readiness program to help  young men  develop skills and strengthen ties to family and community.


ManUP’s purpose is to empower young men to improve their lives and the lives of others.


A community where all under-resourced young men have access to the opportunities, skills, resources and relationships they need to achieve their potential.


ManUP will employ young men to work, teaching life skills along the way.


We cannot “fix” your son. We are not psychologists, case mangers or even social workers. We are your neighbors who have a passion to help young men become authentic men. We will help them to help themselves using the “KUO Way”(CTC).  We will COACH them, give them TOOLS to help them be successful and help them to become a part of a positive COMMUNITY.

Boys attend a weekly huddle to for encouragement and to plan work, this is not paid.  The boys will then work 2 hours per week and will be paid $7.25 per hour. 

You may support the KUO ManUP Program by prayer, financial gifts or by giving a young man a chance to work.  We are looking for people who need odd jobs done.  For a donation of any amount, we will send you a crew.   All crews are supervised by at least 2 adults.  


For an application, to schedule a work crew or  for more information please call or stop by

Kokomo Urban Outreach at:

Trinity  Church

1701 S. Locke St.

Phone 765.457.1983

Ask for Mr. Lee for application or Deanna to schedule work