Monthly giving is not the only way to make an Impact, one time givers are welcomed as well.  Click donate button below.  Thank you. 

Impact a child's life with a monthly gift beginning at $5.00 per month


Per Month


Will provide direct support to a MiniUP girl or boy(4-9 yr old) for a year. Each child will receive a t-shirt, prizes, and field trips.  


Per Month


Will provide StepUp young women(10-18) with materials she will need to make products for a year. 


Per Month


Will provide one ManUP guy(10-18) with the tools they need to complete jobs: 

gloves, rakes, shovels, hand tools etc.  

$160  or More Per month

Big Impact

Will provide a child/teen in one of our Up Programs complete sponsorship for one year.  It includes everything listed above plus the cost of staff, utilities, and all administrative expenses.


Currently, there are over 220 program participants. 


Per Month

about $11 per week


Will provide transportation for ManUP to go to worksites, to transport Mini's to the program and taking StepUP young women to sales locations ie Farmers Market.

This will pay for gas, insurance, maintance and repairs for 6 vehicles. 



Per Month


Will provide one person in StepUP or  ManUP direct support for a year. Direct support means pay and prizes that go directly to the child/teen. 





The above are suggestions for monthly giving. However, any amount will make a great impact and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for caring for our children. 


You may give monthly one of three ways: 

1. Mail a monthly check

2. Send a check automatically through your online banking

3. Click the button below and set up recurring payment using your credit/debit card. 

All IMPACT givers will receive a password to the Impact Givers page found on this website.  There you will be able to see how your gifts are impacting children throughout the greater Kokomo Area. It will be updated on a regular basis. 

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