Kokomo Urban Outreach connects communities.

Community Involvement

KUO provided case management during the 2013 flood.  With funds from the United Methodist Church, over 100 families needs were met.  KUO was right in the middle of the tornado, caring for neighbors who lost power and needed help with clean-up.   Then again, in 2016, our neighborhood was destroyed again, with KUO taking the led in the clean-up in our neighborhood. Because of our presence in more than 40 neighborhoods, we are able to respond to disaster quickly.


 Our staff has served on the Transportation Committee that was instrumental in bringing the Trolley System to Kokomo, Prevent Child Abuse, Community Visioning Alliance, Chamber of Commerce,  the Farmers Market Board of Directors various committees with the Kokomo School Corporation, as well as being a part of several "wrap-around" teams. 


In order to work with the poor an understanding of their life situation is important.   Out of Sight, Out of Mind, the Plight of the Poor is a workshop where particpants get a better understanding of the struggles of the poor. 


Youth Groups may take advantage of the Poverty Plunge a two day expereince of living in poverty.   Youth may also participate in a Povery Simulation game (a good youth ministry activity that takes about 2 hours).  


Life on the Porch, a book by Jeff Newton, tells the first hand stories about people who live in poverty. 


Bragging about God, a book about the recent flood and tornado relief told through the eyes of Kokomo Urban Outreach.


To schedule a poverty workshop, a youth group experience, or order a book, contact us using the form below. 


Kokomo Urban Outreach collobrates with the following non-profits in specific programs:  Kokomo Rescue Mission (Food to You), Bridges Outreach (Kserve),  and has recieved a Community Foundation Grant for Kserve and Breakthrough.  Many Commnity organizations provide guest speakers for the Baby Univeristy   program.  KUO also partners with over 90 churches in Howard County, and most civic groups. 


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