Food and Service Center Hours

Near Home and Hoffer

Monday 12-3 Wednesday 9-12 Thursday 4-6PM

ID's required for EACH family member

Hillsdale UMC on East Sycamore Road

Open Friday's 12-3 PM

In 2016, Kokomo Urban Outreach shifted gears after reading the book Toxic Charity. To really help people we had to change how we were helping as not to hurt people. We begin to implement a model we developed for Baby University to be carried over to all programs, I call it CTC.  It is now the KUO Way of doing most everything.  CTC stands for Coaching, Tools and Community. Our goal is to coach people into a better life, as well as giving them tools to succeed, all done in a community setting. Whenever you see CTC in a program description you will know we are working with families to help them to help themselves.