Stories are Changed Here

 Kokomo Urban Outreach serves people  who struggle. There are only three ways to move out of dependence to independence:

  1. Education

  2. Mentoring/Coaching

  3. A job that will provide enough income to support a family

Our goal is to coach and to provide tools that will empower folks to reach their highest potential.  When people can tell their story in a before and after way, their story has been changed. While this website is full of information about our programs, it is more about the stories of people who are on their way to an abundant life. 

The earlier we can help a child see, experience and live into their potential, the better it is for everyone.  The way I see it, is we can teach a teen about work, showing up on time, listening to direction, teaching about finances  and helping them think through decisions, our community will be different.  It is not just the money that is the pay off; it if the building of self-esteem and a change in attitude about school and home. If we don't teach them how to make honest money, the "streets" will teach them how to make a lot of dishonest money,  that often results in incarceration, disruption of school and in some cases death.   All of our programs have been revised and reviewed for optimum impact.   Our communities are only going as well  as the people in them.  When everyone works side by side, great things can and will happen.

There are basically 4 programs at Kokomo Urban Outreach all designed to help people reach their highest potential: 

Feel free to browse this site and the blog, call me personally if you have questions:  My  cellphone number is  765.461.9618.  Whenever you support KUO with financial gifts, food, time, or prayers, be assured STORIES are changed.