Kokomo Urban Outreach provides the Kokomo Area with 3 food pantry options:

The KUO Food Center at Home near Hoffer St. connects guests not only to food but to community resources, including jobs, cooking classes, medical help etc. [288,000 meals per year]

Our Rural Outreach Pantry located at Hillsdale United Methodist Church on Sycamore Rd., between Kokomo and Greentown and is the only rural pantry open every week, connecting rural food insecure families to healthy food choices.[approx. 31,000 meals provided per year]

Food to You is a rolling pantry that goes into neighborhoods where there is no food pantry nearby.  It runs every Wednesday on a set schedule.  Food to You is a collaborative pantry with the Kokomo Rescue Mission. [18,000 meals are provided each year].

Buddy Bags ™ have been providing weekend food bags to area (K-5th)children for 10 years. To receive a bag a child must be on free/reduced lunch and a permission slip completed.   Each  bag contains 6 meals (3 for Saturday and 3 for Sunday) and is distributed to 1,250 children each week.  Your gift helps KUO provide nearly 270,000 meals to those  who are most at risk to be food insecure.

Each week up to 40 families come to KUO’s Kitchen Co-op to learn how to prepare 7 crockpot meals that will serve 4 people, providing families with 28 meals each week. This program works well for those who are working, meals can be placed in a crockpot (crockpot is given to first time attenders) before work.  Healthy meals are then ready for the family when arriving home after a long day of work and school. [With your help we are on track for neighbors to make about 58,000 meals per year]

2018  KUO Food Budget

Buddy Bags    $150,000

Food Center   $100,000

Rural Pantry    $10,000

Food To You        $6,000

Kitchen Co-op  $29,000

Total Budget   $295,000

*Prepaid Gifts - $75,000

Need                  $222,000

          2017  Goal                                    $110,000 cards Purchased

        +$110,000 Meijer Match

          $220,000  needed to provide 665,000 meals  in 2018

Kokomo Urban Outreach                      1701 S. Locke St                                     Kokomo, IN 46902

· You may give on-line at:                                   KokomoUrbanOutreach.org

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*Meijer’s Double Match weekend has changed this year, there is a $25,000 limit that will be double matched to $75,000. To be sure we received as much as possible on that weekend we have already collected the $25,000  and we will take it in on the weekend to become $75,000.  We have heavily counted on the double match weekend in the past.  We are counting on churches, businesses and organizations  and individuals to help us meet our goal of $110,000 of cards matched to make the $220,000 needed.  Because we order very large quantities of food, we order off a special website where we buy the food close to wholesale.  Your gifts in November and December will change the stories of families throughout 2018. Thank you!